I love dogs, but I usually think of them as snugly companions, not as real life heroes. But that is exactly what police dogs are - heroes. They put their own safety at risk to help humans. Of course, these K9 heroes should be protected when they are barking in the face of danger.
Today (August 20), the Bismarck Police Department posted some fun news on Facebook. One of their four-legged officers is getting his bullet and stab protective vest. K9 Titan will soon be fully ready to serve and protect Bismarck.
According to the police department's Facebook post, K9 Titan is waiting for the delivery his protective vest. The vest will be donated by a non-profit called Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. Check out the Bismarck Police Department's post on the generous K9 vest donation below:
Until I read about Vested Interest In K9s, I never really thought about police dogs needing that type of protection. How awesome is it that there is an organization dedicated to the safety of police dogs? You can even donate to this organization if you want to help keep K9 officers protected. Get more information on how to donate to Vested Interest In K9s here.
Police dogs are truly selfless to do what they do. Of course, they are trained to be crime fighters, but not many of us would have the courage to do what these dogs do.
Have you ever seen a K9 police officer in action?

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