Well, happy birthday to me.  My birthday is Thursday, December 2nd.  Don't forget to send a card with money!  However, there's another reason why to celebrate Thursday, December 2nd in Bismarck Mandan.  The national chain Chick-fil-A is also set to open in Bismarck on December 2nd.

This is information I believe to be true coming from an anonymous source who wished not to be identified here in Bismarck.

In case you're not familiar with the new location here in Bismarck.  It's going to be located directly behind Scheels in the Kirkwood Mall parking lot.  The exact address is 706 Kirkwood Mall, Bismarck, North Dakota.

This will be the 4th Chick-fil-A location in the state of North Dakota.  Grand Forks has two locations.  One on 32nd avenue south and one on the University of North Dakota campus.  Fargo has the other location located in West Acres.  There have been rumors of a future Chick-fil-A opening up in Minot, North Dakota.  I could not find anything online that confirms that, other than people on Facebook pleading for one to open up.  That should give you some kind of idea of the popularity of this fast-food chain.

I can tell you from experience that Chick-fil-A opening up in Bismarck is going to be a big thing.  I was in Grand Forks when it opened up back in 2017.  I remember it was an October day and the line on the drive-thru seemed to go on and on.  The lines inside the store were just as long.  The number of customers who didn't seem to mind waiting for 20 plus minutes for Chick-fil-A food was astonishing.

Now, the customer traffic didn't just die down after a few days.  Even months after its opening, you knew you would have to spend some time waiting just to get some of their tasty chicken.  I was back in Grand Forks a month ago and even at 1:30 pm in the afternoon we still had a bit of a wait.  What am I'm saying?  You'll need some patience when Chick-fil-A opens up in Bismarck.  Not because of their service (It's very good by the way), but that many people will be bustin' down the doors to try it out.  I for one can't wait.


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