Every year this conversation comes up. How soon is too soon to start celebrating Christmas? Personally, I'm game for holly-jolliness all year. I LOVE the holiday, but some people don't have the same sentiments.


Tis The Season? Spotted In Bismarck:

As I was doing a quick run to a local grocery store, I couldn't help but notice Christmas décor and clothing sitting right next to the boxes of Halloween candy. It was right at the front of the store too; they were like "It's Christmas too, BAM."

Andi Ahne
Andi Ahne

Arguing Because We're Bored

Look, I get it; it's not even Halloween yet, but does celebrating the holiday and/or decorating for the holiday early actually offend you? Does it cause any harm? I say let it be. I will however, point out that the Christmas decorations seem to be coming out earlier and earlier.


I Will Say This

They one thing I will say is this: they better not start looping Christmas music soon, because that is actual insanity.

I would also like to petition stores to have a little musical equality; if we're playing Christmas music for a month straight every year, we could at the very least, get a couple weeks of Halloween-themed music to brighten our shopping experience.


How do you feel about seeing our local stores stock up on Christmas everything? Should they have held off just a little bit, or do you like to get a jump start on getting your decorations in order? Feel free to shoot us a message and let us know.

Happy Merry Givingmas or whatever!


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