Cleaning is not all that fun to do. Especially when you are cleaning things like dog poop. Would it not be wonderful to have an animal without having to deal with cleaning up their mess in the yard? As it turns out, it is entirely possible to own a pet and not ever touch one of its poops. There is a business that is here to pick up your dog's "business!"

According to KX News, Doody Calls is a new, weekly service offered to households with family members who do their "business" outdoors. The owner of Doody Calls is no stranger to household maintenance. In, fact, she already has an established business that offers house cleaning and lawn care. Learn more about Minot's newest poop scoop business from KX News

Growing up, my little brother and I were ALWAYS tasked with picking up dog poop in the yard. I would have loved to be able to pay someone to pick it up, even back then! Actually, when I read the story about Doody Calls, I wondered to myself, "WHY do we not have a business like this in Bismarck?" But, as it turns out, we do.

If you would love to pay someone to pick up your dog's poop, there is actually a business a little closer to home. The Number 2 Crew is a poop scoop service that is available to people in Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln.

Have you ever paid a business to take care of your least favorite chores around the house?

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