Do you miss your hairstylist? I surely miss mine. My split ends are atrocious. Since North Dakota is gearing to open up AND today is Hairstylist Appreciation Day, I want to showcase the sponsor of the Glam Bag Grab - Overhaul Salon & Tanning.

It's a beautiful little drive to Lincoln to get to Overhaul Salon & Tanning. It's been weeks since closures happened, and the staff at Overhaul Salon & Tanning are ready to take care of your beauty needs. Things will be different as businesses are beginning to reopen. Overhaul Salon & Tanning is using the North Dakota Smart Restart as a "refresh button" for their staff and guests alike. Check out their salon (slow) reopening post with important information and guidelines here.

Because of the North Dakota Smart Restart, the salon experience will be different than we're used to . You will now have to wear a mask around your nose and mouth, you won't be able to hang out in lobbies, and a family trip to the salon is now (hopefully not for long) a thing of the past. This may not seem ideal, but it's a start for getting to a "new normal."

I think we all have missed our incredible stylists more than we could have thought possible. A stylist does more than hair. A stylist is a friend, a therapist, and the person who can make you feel like your best self. I'm sure your stylist will be just as excited to see you as you are to see him/her.

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