North Dakotan's are good at many things but what are we really good at?

It just so happens that a study was done to find the answer to this very question. A study was done by Reader's Digest and it found what each state is good at and what the state is, reversely, very bad at. So, let's dive in.

Nothing Is Off Limits

Some of the things other states were "the worst" at include: teacher turnover rates, high infant mortality, divorce, HIV treatment, flu prevention, Cyberbullying, and more.

What's Going On In Arkansas?

If you're in love, better not move to Arkansas has the highest divorce rate in the country. According to Reader's Digest, there's nearly 24 divorces for every 1000 marriages. Yikes! Must have something to do with the heat. On the bright side, the state of Arkansas was named best for duck hunting, if you're into that sort of thing. Personally, I've seen too many Dawn dish soap commercials to bring any harm to any ducklings, but to each their own.


Colorado has the worst rate of overdoses in the country. According to the source the number of drug overdose deaths has even doubled over the last decade. And what is Colorado best for? No, not having a the strangest airport, but for being "most active."

I don't know what it is, but when someone moves to the state, they immediately jump into a rugged outdoors hiking, lifestyle. First they start climbing all the big rocks, then you have to get those ugly shoes to wear while you climb the big rocks, then you get a dog, to walk to the big rocks with you, and of course you have to braid your hair because its windy up at the top of these big rocks. It really just snowballs, and before you know it, you're a yodeling mountaineer.

The Worst Roads In The Country

If you thought North Dakota's were bad, you might want to take a drive through Connecticut. The state was named "the worst" for their bad roads.

Who Isn't Sleeping

Hawaii surprisingly, is "the worst" at sleeping. You would think all of the crashing wave sounds would soothe everyone to sleep, but then again, living under the looming dread of a volcanic eruption could be the cause of many people's restless nights.

North Dakota???

As you can imagine, North Dakota was named "the worst" at binge drinking. Are we surprised? I think not.

And what are we great at? According to Reader's Digest we know how to pinch a penny. North Dakotan are great at saving money. -- They must have left me out of this study; I would have surely skewed the results.

Do you think this is right? What else are North Dakotans good at?




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