Good question - most of us see some form of "either-or" almost every day

Think about it, you are traveling down the road, and boom, right there on the side of a simple wall or maybe an underpass of a bridge is a drawing of some sort - either with spray paint or whatever - maybe colored chalk, I'm not sure what they use. Now look, I know that it is considered vandalism, we all do, obviously when it's on the side of a local businesses wall. Another thing, some of the works of graffiti could be gang markings, but I have no clue what those could be. I had to stop just yesterday when I was driving down Main, and saw something sketched out in white, on the side of a train ( by the way another popular place for this )

Bismarck's AMAZING Alley Art

Sometimes when we get into our own routine we miss out on what is clearly right under our nose - OR right down an alleyway - this is one of the coolest places I think I have ever seen here in Bismarck and Mandan. I stopped by Bismarck Art Alley over at 117 N 5th St almost two years ago, and I was blown away - ART on the walls! Here is a look from 5 years ago, check out the amazing, incredible work.

Basin Electric


So keep your eyes open when you are out and about in BisMan...

...there really is beauty everywhere, and for the record, I don't support graffiti one bit, I acknowledge it and I'm also aware it's 100% against the law.

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