A person found wandering in Bismarck has no idea who they are.

I just came across some disturbing news... The Bismarck Police Department posted that there was a person found at Main and Rosser in Bismarck this morning (July 16). He reportedly knows nothing about himself, not even his name. The police department is hoping that the community can help identify this person.

So far, no one who has seen the post seems to know this person.

The post already has nearly 2,000 shares in the first hour of being posted, but it does not appear that anyone knows him. And two different comments on the police department's Facebook post said that the person was seen in the downtown area as early as 3:00 PM yesterday (July 15). No one has I identified the person yet, but maybe you know who this is?

How do we help this person when we have zero clues as to who they are?

The fact that this person is unaware of their existence makes this mystery pretty gutwrenching. There are so many questions. How does this person have zero memory of their personal existence? Have they always suffered from such severe memory loss, or did something recently happen to cause it?  Is/was this person in danger? Were they abandoned? Did they wander away from a caregiver? And many more questions.

I mean, just by looking at the picture, the person does not seem to have been in distress. The person is clean-shaven, hair and clothes are clean, and their glasses seem to be in good repair. But something is clearly amiss.

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