SquareTrade, self-described as "the top-rated [consumer electronics] protection plan trusted by millions of happy customers," has published new research that suggests that Seattle football fans are 11% clumsier than those in New England.

Also, 24 million Americans have caused nearly $2.5 billion in damages to their cell phones or tablets while caught up in a sporting event.

SquareTrade's study shows that 21% of Hawks fans have had some kind of "cell phone accident" -- broken screens, water damage -- during a big attention-hogging game, while only 19% of Pats fans have had such.

The study came up with a ton of other interesting evidence as well, including:

  • 20% of adult Americans have given their cell phones a bath in the toilet -- an instant killer for most devices
  • Americans who drink imported beer tend to cause more of said cell phone accidents than other beer drinkers
  • Enjoyers of spinach dip have had more accidents in the past year than consumers of guacamole or salsa
  • 15% of Americans have damaged a smartphone by throwing it or performing other forms of aggression after a bad call on the field

SquareTrade's advice for keeping your smartphone or tablet safe this Super Bowl Sunday should really go without saying: never use electronic devices in the bathroom; keep your phone near, but not exposed; and never text or tweet while either team is in the red zone.