Bismarck Mandan received somewhere over 16 inches of snow from this three-day blizzard that began on Tuesday, April 12th.  Areas to the west and north of us had higher amounts.  A swath from Dickinson to Minot saw as much as 30 inches of snow.

Conditions are improving as I write this article.  We asked our listeners to submit their storm photos to our Facebook page and we received some spectacular photos.  Mother nature in all her glory says winter is not done yet.  In fact, we are expecting more snow coming up this Easter Sunday.  We could see up to 3 or 4 inches as yet another snow system has its eyes on the Bismarck Mandan area.

No doubt all this moisture is going to help drought conditions, especially in southwestern North Dakota.  The National Weather Service in Bismarck said there was about an inch of moisture in this snow that we received in Bismarck.

We are very fortunate with all this wet heavy snow that we didn't have more power outages in the area.  I've only heard of a few.  Kudos to the power companies around the area.  Going three days without power is not fun.  I remember doing so back during the April blizzard in 97 when I lived in Grand Forks.  That was before you could play on your cell phone all day too.  No fun.

Well, enjoy these photos our listeners sent in, and let's hope it doesn't take until May before this all melts.

Spectacular Storm Photos From Bismarck Mandan Area


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