Taco John's is Hasta La Vista Baby in Fargo, North Dakota.

According to Valley News Live, all Fargo, North Dakota Taco John's locations closed for good over the past weekend.  Most of the restaurants closed on Friday, with a couple remaining open through Sunday.  That's right North Dakota's largest city no longer has a Midwest staple, a Taco John's.

Taco John's is world renowned for their Potato Oles and that special seasoning that really is out of this world.

You just can't seem to duplicate that seasoning on Oles.  I remember plenty of evenings after a night at the bars, where there was nothing like a 6 pack of tacos and a pound of Potato Oles.

I for one never like to see anybody lose their job.  No reason was given for why Taco John's is pulling out of Fargo, but you can speculate it has to do with finding available staff to work.  We've certainly seen that a lot over the last couple of years in Bismarck.

I decided to reach out to Taco John's in Bismarck to see how this might affect our stores.

I spoke to Clay Johnson who is the Manager of the Taco John's on Burnt Creek Road.  He told me the Taco John's in Bismarck is owned by different owners.  That's the first bit of good news if you are a fan of TJ's.  Next, Johnson told me he had worked for both owners in the past, and he believes the ownership in Bismarck has better management.  He went on to say Taco John's in Bismarck is "rock solid" and there are no plans to close any of the restaurants.

There you go, no need to start hoarding Potato Oles just yet.

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