At times, dressing rooms can get a little dirty. You never know what someone's going to drop out of their pocket/purse or what they might be doing behind those closed doors.

I've made a list of some of the most disgusting things I've seen or heard people say they've found in dressing rooms. Get prepared to cringe.

1. Dirty Underwear

If you think you've seen bad, I'm here to tell you I've seen worse. I went into a fitting room once, and saw balled up dirty underwear on the ground and the room smelled like pee.

I put two and two together and got the heck out of there. It was nasal assault in that room.

2. Food

Personally, I find it really surprising that people are doing anything other than trying on clothes in a dressing room. As it turns out, some people use them to take a rest and eat. A friend of mine once sent me a picture of a half-eaten sausage egg and cheese biscuit on the floor of a dressing room.

Why in the world would you bring the sandwich into the store? I'm so confused.

3. Dirty Diapers

I understand if you have a baby, you can't help when and where they do their business, but I will say there are bathrooms for that.

To give this person the benefit of the doubt, maybe they tried to stuff the dirty diaper back into their baby bag and it fell out, but I'm not convinced that's how things went down.

4. Blood Smears

I understand trying on clothes can be a battle/struggle, but I'm not sure what you could possibly be doing to get blood smeared on the wall. Are you okay?

That's It

Those are the only things I've heard about and witnesses. Feel free to share weird things you've seen in dressing rooms. Hit that chat button in our app!

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