While pizza vending machines sound convenient, I can't imagine the pizza inside them to be very appetizing, but hey, I shouldn't knock it until I try it.


Pizza Vending Machines

In 2020, a company called PizzaForno started placing pizza vending machines in Toronto. This, according to the company's website.

They claim it takes roughly 3 minutes to get a 12-inch pizza, and costs between $10-13.

How It Works

You flip through the different options and pick your pizza. You can get it cold or hot.

According to the site, a robotic arm grabs the pizza and places it in the oven. Once it's done it gets dispensed in a box through a little slot below the touch screen. It's actually pretty fancy.

The company says a vending machine holds 70 tomato pies at any given time.


North Dakota

Will these vending machines come to North Dakota? As of right now, we haven't heard of any plans to bring these to North Dakota, but the company has started rolling them out in the following U.S. locations:

New Orleans, Louisiana (3 locations)

Friendswood, Texas

Houston, Texas (2 locations)

Galveston, Texas

Pasadena, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

Freeport, Texas

Crystal Beach, Texas

Mobile, Alabama

Atlanta, Georgia

Flint, Michigan

This is not to mention the dozens of locations throughout Canada.

Coming Soon?

While I can't confirm any ND locations are being considered by the company, I think it's safe to say placing them in cities with big college campuses would be ideal. Fargo? Grand Forks? I could see it!

Would you grab a pizza from a vending machine, or would it be a hard pass?

Keep your eyes open, one could pop up at any moment!

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