If you’ve ever got summoned in for jury duty, you know how dreadful the experience can be.

I heard someone once tried to use "My boss told me it isn't required" excuse. As funny as that is, I'm sure it didn't work out well for that person.

Legal Ways To Get Out Of Jury Duty

1. Economic Hardship

According to Life Hacker, if you have an economic hardship, like maybe you own a small business that can't operate if you’re not there. --You’d have to submit several documents with an excuse letter, but it could potentially get you out of it. The documents would need to show your inability to provide support for yourself, or your family as a result of losing hours and wages, according to the source.

2. Medical Hardship

When it comes to medical hardships, you might be surprised as to what could get you out of jury duty. According to Life Hacker, something like irritable bowel syndrome could get you excused. That said, you need a signed note from your doctor to prove this.

3. You’re a Caretaker

According to the source if you are a caretaker, and have individual(s) who cannot be alone all day, This could get you out of jury duty. All you would need is some sort of documentation as proof.

4. You’re a Full-Time Student

This one might seem surprising to you, but if you’re a full-time student, you could potentially, get out of jury duty. According to the source, you would need to submit a copy of your student ID and a class schedule and explain why you cannot show up.

5. You’re a Senior Citizen

This is pretty standard across-the-board I think in North Dakota you have to be 72 or older, but if you are a senior citizen, the court would recognize that as an extreme hardship and would exempt you from jury duty.

6. You Can’t Be Impartial

this one I think most people know. If you can’t be impartial that would get you excused from jury duty. For example, if the case involves police officers and you do not like police officers, you could admit that to the court and potentially get dismissed from jury duty.

7. Expressing Mental/Emotional Instability

When it comes to mental and emotional instability, if you can prove you had a mental illness or had recently gone through something like a death in the family, this could get you out of jury duty according to the source.


There you have it, those are the seven I know. If none of these apply to you, I'm afraid you will have to suck it up and do your civic duty. Best of luck and thanks for reading!



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