It looks like north Bismarck is getting a new food spot!

La Michoacana Mexican Snacks

There have been a few Facebook posts, announcing the restaurant is set to open in Bismarck. Check it out.


The restaurant sits in Shoppes on 43rd, where Daylight Donuts used to be.

Yum, More Snack Options In Town!

If you’re wondering what kind of food is served at the restaurant according to its website, it has Mexican ice cream and Paleta. If you don't know, paleta is basically a Mexican popsicle. 

It advertises itself on being all natural. So when can we expect it to open? Well, unfortunately, I don’t have an exact answer to that question. I’ve looked on their Facebook page with no luck. All the signs around the building only say "coming soon."

What Is Mexican Ice Cream?

I’ve never had Mexican ice cream, so I had to look it up. According to Mexican ice cream is closer to gelato. It has less fat and air than American style ice cream. The source says it also puts more emphasis on flavoring. 


Do you think this is a exciting new addition to North Bismarck? Have you ever had Mexican ice cream? Is this something you would be willing to try? Do you think we should have more cultural food restaurants/options in Bismarck or North Dakota?

Send us a message through the app and make sure you keep checking back for more updates on the business.

As always, thanks for reading. TTFN!

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