You don't see this everyday; a question was posed on Bismarck's People Reporting News, asking if anyone would be interested in being a candidate in establishing an official congregation for The Satanic Temple in Bismarck, and it quickly blew up in the comment section.

What Is TST?

There is a lot of information out there on The Satanic Temple. What I've gathered is that it is a non-theistic religious organization that has chapters all over the United States.

On The Satanic Temple's website, it says the group's mission is to encourage benevolence, empathy, reject tyrannical authority, and oppose injustice.

You might be confused reading this. You see "The Satanic Temple," and you understandably, think this is a group of individuals who worship Satan.

Keep in mind, I have no input and am objectively researching the purpose, history, and practices of the group.

Based off of the information out there, The Satanic Temple uses satanic imagery for its symbolism as "The eternal rebel."

It is my understanding that the people in The Satanic Temple don't worship or necessarily believe in the devil. That said, I can't be one hundred percent sure that is true for all members and chapters.


What does The Satanic Temple stand for? According to its website, they advocate for body autonomy, same-sex marriages, and separation of church and state.

The Temple has a headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts and received tax-exempt status from the IRS in 2019.


According to earlier this year, The Temple filed a law suit, challenging Texas' abortion laws. They claimed anti-abortion laws infringed on their freedom of religion, as it prevented its members from performing their religious rituals. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit.

The Satanic Temple has also filed lawsuits in Little Rock, Arkansas over "Freedom of religious expression." -- They were fighting to have a Baphomet statue placed in the city. This, according to ArkansasOnline.

Coming To Bismarck

How would you feel about seeing a chapter in Bismarck? Hit us up in our app chat.


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