$2.7 Million in less than 72 hours. That's what "Viewers Like You" have raised to bring Reading Rainbow to more kids than ever before!

A little over 2 days ago, LaVar Burton and his crew at Reading Rainbow launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the popular TV show into the next generation, and bring it to more kids and more schools than ever before!

Their hope was to raise One Million Dollars over 35 days. With the money, they are going to take the content of their current iPad app and convert the content to be open to any web-based platform so that ANY child could have access to the content. They are also using part of the money to bring this content to 1500 classrooms worldwide absolutely free of charge.

The response was overwhelming, raising the $1mm initial goal in just 11 hours.

The campaign is still going, raising over $2.7mm as of Noon on Friday. There are still 32 days left in this campaign, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they do from here!

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