Rihanna is being sued by a funeral company that claims she stiffed them on the bill for her grandmother's services.

RiRi was incredibly close to her gran Clara 'Dolly' Braithwaite, who died in June 2012, so she made sure to send her out in style. The body was shipped to Barbados for the funeral, and Ri arranged for a party to celebrate her life, which included tents, screens, floral arrangements and more.

The company that put together the festivities claims that it came with a $150,000 price tag, but RiRi only settled a quarter of that bill and refuses to pay up. According to TMZ, the lawsuit says that RiRi deemed the final cost exorbitant and doesn't want to pay the balance because of that.

For someone as rich as RiRi, the rest of that bill won't dent her bank account, which makes this suit incredibly curious.

In other RiRi news, she posted a new bikini shot, showing of her body, tattoo and her new short and curly hair.

See it below.