You are not the only lonely one in North Dakota. The cold, the snow, and the somewhat barren landscape can make living in North Dakota challenging.

Have you ever wondered which states are the loneliest? Or rather, which states have the most people living alone?

According to a study done by, North Dakota is the number one state out of all 50 where people are living alone.

I know, you would think somewhere like Alaska, or maybe somewhere heavily wooded would be the number one state for this; after all, those are the places people go for isolation. 

Sadly, North Dakota has the most people going it on their own.

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Coming Up With This Ranking used Census Bureau data to rank states and find all the non-family households living alone in each state. 

Overall, it found that 40% of one-person households are people who are 65 years old or older.

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According to the study, one and three households in the state of North Dakota live alone.

It was also found that North Dakota had the highest number of people under 65 years old living alone (72,811).

North Dakota also had the lowest number of people over 65 living alone (37,683).

Is it that people under 65 are struggling to find partners? Are people just here for work, starting a new life on their own? Do they just prefer to be alone? -I'd guess the answer is all three of those things apply.

Following North Dakota:

New Mexico and South Dakota followed North Dakota and the second and third places. 

If you’re wondering which state has the least amount of single person households that goes to Utah 

Least Amount Of People Living Alone

The state with the least amount of people living alone is Utah, followed by Idaho, and California. My guess would be that the cost of living in these states makes it difficult for people to live alone.

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