June is pride month, and with it, a question on gender designation has surfaced. Specifically, gender designation on driver's licenses.

Evolving ID's

Our licenses have changed quite a bit over the years with the new Real ID. What other changes are in store?

If you look at your North Dakota driver's license, you will see your date of birth listed. You will also see your height, weight (do we need to have that one on there?), eye color, and sex. What if your sex (gender) was no longer required?

Many people all over the country identify as non-binary and transgender; several states have adopted a new policy, allowing individuals to choose something other than "M" or "F" (Male or female) on their driver's licenses.

The Other Option

States such as Colorado, Arkansas, and Michigan allow you to essentially opt out of the male or female designation. Instead, you may choose an "X" to fill that space. This, according to The Hill. 

Our neighboring state, Minnesota, also has the "X" option. Will North Dakota allow this next?

Will North Dakota Make This Change?

I spoke to several people at the North Dakota Department of Transportation to find out; they told me they currently only have "Male" and "Female" options for driver's licenses.

They also told me they have not heard that any changes or new options will be coming in the near future.

I was told, however, that an individual can change their gender from male to female and vice versa, with a letter from their doctor.

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